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Bio-based aerogels: new eco-friendly porous materials for thermal insulation and controlled release




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e-mail : vincent.guipont@mines-paristech.fr

Centre des Matériaux
MINES Paristech

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63-65 rue Henri Auguste Desbruères

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BP 87
F-91003 Evry Cedex, France







Vincent GUIPONT (Dr.) was initiated in Materials Science at the University of Burgundy ( Dijon, France ) . After a Masters in Science and Technology ( Engineering course at the University ) , he began his apprenticeship in research within the CNRS Research Reactivity of Solids under the leadership of Jean- Claude Mutin ( Research director at CNRS) and the support of a large industrial group in the field of technical ceramics . He obtained his Diploma of Advanced Studies in Physics and Chemistry in 1990 and then worked a full year as temporary researcher at CNRS laboratory on the synthesis and characterization of precursor powders for the manufacture of a rare earth oxide . Hosted by Professor Daniel Tréheux at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in the Department Materials Physics - Mechanics, while he prepares his doctorate 3rd cycle of Materials Science and Engineering under the direction of Serge Fayeulle . His thesis supported in 1994 as a first contribution to the study of mechanical properties of ceramic / metal bonds through the determination of residual stress in metal-ceramic components formed by soldering (sponsored by a multi-partnership led by the fFrench Welding Institute). He gave lessons for engineers "Centraliens" as temporary staff and then was appointed during one year as associated lecturer in Materials Science. On the lists of qualification as lecturer ( CNU sections 28, 33 and 60) , then he joined the Materials Center MINES ParisTech during 1996 as a post- doc fellow to help for the creation of the Centre of Competence in Projection plasma led by Michel Jeandin ( Research Director at MINES ParisTech) with whom he launched the "C2P club", a network of labs and industries interested in plasma spraying with CAPS chamber. He actively participates in various academic studies and direct industrial R & D projects or multi- partners funded by state agencies (ANR, FUI ... ) mainly dedicated to the control of plasma spraying under controlled with the use of CAPS atmosphere. He thus began his mission as a researcher and teacher in the institution appointed by MINES ParisTech research association ARMINES for contract research . In 2001 , he joined the permanent staff researchers Materials Center in the SIP ( Surfaces , Interfaces , Processes ) team. In 2006 , he accompanied the evolution of research activity C2P (then renamed Competence Center Process Projection ) in the field of surface treatments and coatings helping to host the Cold Spray technology and that of LASAT for measuring adhesion of the sprayed materials by laser shock. He takes an active part in the launch and promotion of the "Cold Spray Club" and participates in some teachings of master research and specialized masters on " Coatings and Surface Treatments " , especially for applications in the field of prosthetics and biomaterials . Since 2010, he has been involved in a research project about the development of ceramic coating (plasma, PVD, cold spray) with enhanced interfacial strength. In 2013, he earned his "Habiltitation à Diriger les Recherches" from the Limoges University and was then qualified to apply as Professor at Universities in the sections n° 28 and n°60.

Research Topics

Coatings, surfaces and interfaces of materials ( metals, ceramics , polymers) from thermal spraying or cold dynamic air using controlled temperature and atmosphere

Multimaterial -composites approach to the study of heterogeneous porous microstructures with particulate reinforcements or dispersed phases :

  • Influence of morphology, mechanical behavior and thermal and electrical properties
  • Phenomena and mechanisms for providing or processing localized and discontinuous material :
  • Study of physico-chemical and mechanical interfacial interactions caused by the impact of solid or liquid material with high energy processes from plasma , flame , cold -spray and laser


  • Habilition for Training Research ( Faculty of Limoges, 2013)
  • Doctor of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Specialty Materials Science and Engineering
  • Master of Science & Technology at the University of Burgundy





  • 1990 à 1993 : Temporay staff at the 'Ecole Centrale de Lyon'  (Mechanics and Materials)
  • 1993-1994: Temporary associated lecturer in Materials Science at the 'Ecole Centrale de Lyon' (Mechanics and Materials)
  • 1997-1998 : Temporay staff at the Evry university (Chemistry and Solid Physics)
  • From 2003: Mastere COMADIS - Mines Paris: module EM4
  • 2006: MIG at MINES ParisTech (Materials in Nuclear Waste Storage)
  • From 2009: master MAGIS (Thermal spraying and materials)
  • From 2010: master BME (Coatings and biomaterials)


  • Reviewer for : Surface and CoatingsTechnology, Materials Science and Engineering A, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Applied surface science
  • Reveiwer for ITSC 2002 et 2003 et 2006 (Conférence ASM) + jury for  JTST « Best Paper Award »  2007, 2008
  • Co-chairman : Surface Modifications Technologies SMT 13, Singapour (1999), SMT 18, Dijon (2004). SMT21 Paris 2007, Symposium « coatings for biomedical applications »  ASM/ITSC 2006
  • Member of re de l’ASM Int., SF2M, GFC, TSS

Missions et staying periods in overseas countries

  • 1999 : Singapore, Tan Chin Tuan Academic Fellowship, 3 months, Nan Yang Technological University
  • 2006: Singapore (with help of French Embassy)
  • 2007: Australia (with help of French Embassy) Melbourne CSIRO (Interviewed by MrsKemp at BS radio)




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